Sealite endeavours to conform with the Recommendations, Guidelines and documentation offered by international associations. As such, the company holds Industrial Membership of the following groups;


Sealite is a member in good standing of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), and endeavours to conform to all of the Recommendations, Guidelines and other documentation offered by IALA.

IALA is an international technical association established in 1957, and gathers together marine aids to navigation authorities, manufacturers and consultants from all parts of the world for the opportunity to compare experiences and achievements.

IALA contributes to the reduction of marine accidents through the design and implementation of buoyage systems, radio-navigation services and traffic management services.


Sealite is a member of the Boating Industry Association of Victoria (BIA).


The BIA aims to:


  • promote recreational boating as a safe and environmentally responsible activity for families and individuals,
  • develop and promote professional standards and services for its members and the boating public,
  • take an advisory role in ensuring boating regulations are relevant and current,
  • forge strong working links with all relevant Government agencies and Associated organizations, and to
  • promote and encourage increased boating facilities throughout Victoria including coastal and inland waters.


Sealite has been formally approved as a Defence Recognised Supplier, under the Australian Government ™s Defence Recognised Supplier Scheme (DRSS).


The DRSS is one of the initiatives used by the Commonwealth Government to help Australian defence companies to establish themselves within global supply chains. The ADO is respected internationally as a high technology organization that utilizes some of the most advanced and innovative products available.


To be eligible for approval as a Defence Recognised Supplier, a company must:


  • be deemed to have capabilities and products of strategic importance to the successful delivery of ADF capabilities or general goods used by the ADF,
  • have supplied to Defense in the past three years, have demonstrated satisfactory supplier relationship with Defence,
  • be an Australian company committed to Australian industry, and
  • have the potential to export.


A company with DRSS status has demonstrated that it is able to deliver products or services that meet the ADO ™s stringent standards. Recognition under the Scheme is also evidence of the Australian Government ™s support of a company ™s endeavors.


Sealite is a member of AIMEX.


The main activity of the group is marine export development through a number of primary functions including acting as a national, state and regional forum where issues can be raised and input given to various government bodies.