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    IALA Buoyage System

    A detailed explanation of the IALA Buoyage System

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    IALA Recommended Flash Codes

    A Complete List of IALA Recommended Flash Codes Available with Sealite Lanterns

    The Sealite lanterns may be set to any o....

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  • [ 318 KB ]

    IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings

    IP Ratings: a Detailed Explanation

    An IP Rating or IP Code is an international numerical standard used to classify the d....

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  • [ 949 KB ]

    Solar Power

    The Benefits of Solar Power

    Solar energy is the light that comes from the sun and is the earth’s most abundant energy so....

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  • [ 915 KB ]

    LED Technology

    LED Technology: the Perfect Lighting Solution

    In recent years as LED technology has become more advanced, the light outp....

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    Polyethylene Buoys

    Benefits of Polyethylene Buoys

    Polyethylene is one of the most common plastics used today and due to its light weight, s....

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