Aquaculture Farm Solutions

The ever-growing aquaculture industry sees the need to sustain fish and other marine species to manage supplies around the world. Aquaculture farms require specialised marking for vessels operating in the area to provide safe night navigation and avoid costly damage to farming infrastructure and stocks.

Sealite has significant experience in supplying aquaculture operators throughout Australia, South America, and Europe.

As farming operations move further offshore, Sealite can assist farm operations in designing reliable solutions for demanding environments including buoyage systems, moorings and remote monitoring capabilities to suit regulatory requirements.

  • Low maintenance solar-powered marine lanterns with GPS synchronisation capabilities to allow clear perimeter marking of farms
  • Remote monitoring and control through GSM or satellite to protect assets in offshore environments
  • Seasonal or permanent supply of Fish Aggregating Devices
  • Complete system design and project management
  • Wide range of AtoN products for aquaculture, enables clients to work with one reliable manufacturer
  • Global footprint of company-owned facilities provides for local engineered and manufactured solutions
  • Experience project management personnel
  • Cost effective, energy efficient, low maintenance solutions
  • Global connectivity through multiple communication methods
  • IALA Guidelines & Recommendations
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured facilities in Australia, UK and USA
  • Applicable range of environmental certifications
  • Applicable range of electrical certifications