On-Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinars


Cyber Security in AtoN (IALA Cyber Security Workshop)

Release Date : 15 November, 2021

IALA recently invited Jens Ohle, engineering manager at Sealite to present as part of their Cyber Security Workshop. Jens has former experience in systems integration for a global securities company. This webinar ‘Cyber Security in AtoN’ highlights how the use of portable devices increases the vulnerability for data to be intercepted, decoded and used in a malicious way.

Sealite Webinar Series 2 – Back by popular demand!

Sealite webinars are designed to educate our audience on the application and use of Aids to Navigation. In this webinar series, we aim to provide our attendees with real, practical examples that they can use within their operations. From strategic planning right through to implementation, we will take you through the steps along the way.

Part 1 – Overview of the Topic: From Risk to Realisation

Release Date : 3 June, 2021

In this Sealite webinar we look at the reasons why long term strategic planning helps Aids to Navigation provision. Also the relevant policies and plans that provide a framework to ensure selection is the right fit over the lifetime of the asset. Presented by Malcolm Nicholson, Global Product Manager – Marine.

Part 2 – From Risk to Realisation: The NLB Way

Release Date : 17 June, 2021

In this Sealite webinar we are joined by Captain Phil Day, Director of Operations at the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB). Phil is also Chair of the IALA ARM committee.

Phil takes us through a perspective from the NLB and shares some insights and strategy they use to drive future planning of the extensive AtoN network. The NLB manages Aids to Navigation across Scotland and the Isle of Man. They have a fleet of maritime vessels helping to support mariners and their safety at sea. They are also responsible for a staggering 207 lighthouses that stretch across 6000 miles of coastline.

Hosted by Malcolm Nicholson, Global Product Manager – Marine.

Part 3 – From Risk to Realisation: Navigation Services in Australian Waters

Release Date : 8th July, 2021

Mahesh Alimchandani discusses some of the challenges faced by AMSA as a National Authority and their future planning. He concludes with a case study demonstrating how they improved safety for mariners, navigating Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Watch the webinar to learn why future planning out to 2030 is vital for all operations.

Hosted by Malcolm Nicholson, Global Product Manager – Marine.

Part 4 – The Strategic Importance of an AIS Network

Release Date : 29 July, 2021

In this Sealite webinar are joined by Mr. Mahdi Al Mosawi, General Manager of the Middle East Navigation Aids Service (MENAS). He calls on 20 years of maritime experience and discusses the “Strategic Importance of an AIS Network”. Learn about the vital work of MENAS, the types of AtoN AIS units, system capabilities and how to setup a network. Also learn about the unique challenges they face when managing marine AtoN in the Middle East. Presented by Malcolm Nicholson, Global Product Manager – Marine.

Premier webinaire à la demande en Français

Malcolm Nicholson, Responsible international des produits chez Sealite, et Jean-Luc Fontan, Consultant francophone dans le domaine des aides à la navigations maritime, discuteront la évaluation des risques systèmes d’aide à la navigation, entretien, AISM et la surveillance et gestion des actifs.

Sealite Series 1, Webinar #1: Aids to Navigation Provision and the Steps For Success

In this Sealite webinar gain an overview of risk, systems and maintenance, IALA guidelines, monitoring and asset management. Presented by Michael Walker, Head of Global Sales, Marketing & Digital at Sealite; and Malcolm Nicholson, Global Product Manager – Marine.

Release Date : 8 October, 2020

Sealite Series 1, Webinar #2: The Practicalities of Risk Assessment & the IALA Toolbox

The second webinar in our series features Captain Roger Barker, former Director of Navigational Requirements at Trinity House. Together with Malcolm Nicholson, Global Product Manager for Sealite they provide an overview of risk assessment and discuss risk considerations in practical settings.

Release Date : 5 November, 2020

Sealite Series 1, Webinar #3: AtoN Systems and Maintenance

The third webinar in our series features R. David Lewald who has over thirty years experience with the United States Coast Guard (USCG). Together with Malcolm Nicholson, Global Product Manager for Sealite they discuss past, present and future of Aids to Navigation Systems. David provides his insights into how the US Coast Guard (USCG) assesses emerging technologies and determine their feasibility for use.

Release Date : 3 December, 2020

Sealite Series 1, Webinar #4: The Role of IALA

The fourth webinar in our series features Secretary-General of IALA, Francis Zachariae. Together with Malcolm Nicholson, Global Product Manager for Sealite they discuss the history of IALA, its importance for global aids to navigation and what the future holds as they head towards becoming an intergovernmental organisation.

Release Date : 15 December, 2020

Sealite Series 1, Webinar #5: Monitoring and Asset Management of AtoN

The fifth and final webinar in our series features Simon Millyard, Chairman of IALA’s Engineering & Sustainability Committee (and former Engineering and Operations Manager at Trinity House). Hosted by Malcolm Nicholson, Global Product Manager for Sealite they discuss what to consider when selecting monitoring and asset management tools and the impact that over-reporting can have on operational efficiency and cost. He also discusses the tools that Trinity House use to inform their asset management plan and to help them achieve high AtoN availability targets.

Release Date : 21 January, 2021

IALA & Sealite Webinar : Light Characters and Rhythms

Release Date : 11 February, 2021

IALA invited Malcolm Nicholson, Sealite’s Global Product Manager to deliver this training presentation. It covers the different types of light characters used and the specific rules that apply based on IALA’s guidelines. Practical examples are included, that help to explain the principles that apply. A must watch for Aids to Navigation managers. Malcolm has been attending IALA for nearly 20 years and for the last 8 years he has been Chairman of the ENG Committee Working Group on Lights and Vision, and is the IMC Representative to IALA PAP.

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