Ports and Harbours

Ports and Harbours

Port and Harbour Solutions

Sealite is a world leader in designing and manufacturing AtoN solutions to safely guide vessels into ports and harbours.

Integrated solutions include medium and large-scale navigation buoys, solar powered marine lanterns, electronic navigation, and port entry lighting systems.

Sealite is proud to have ongoing relationships with hundreds of Ports and Harbours globally who trust the company to supply their aids to navigation solutions, including organisations throughout Australasia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

  • Stand-alone and solar-powered marine lanterns from 1NM to 23NM visible ranges.
  • High precision Port Entry Lighting systems designed to suit specific port approaches consisting of LED PELs (Port Entry Lights), high-intensity range lights, and other complimentary signalling equipment.
  • Complete small, medium, or large-scale buoyage systems with innovative mooring arrangements.
  • AIS, GSM, and Satellite monitoring and control platform provides an end-to-end asset management system to manage Port and Harbour networks
  • Widest range of AtoN products for ports and harbours, enables clients to work with one reliable manufacturer
  • Global footprint of company-owned facilities provides for local engineered and manufactured solutions
  • Experience project management personnel
  • Cost effective, energy efficient, low maintenance solutions
  • Global connectivity through multiple communication methods
  • IALA Guidelines & Recommendations
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured facilities in Australia, UK and USA
  • Applicable range of environmental certifications
  • Applicable range of electrical certifications