Sealite delivers complete port solution to Eastland Port

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Sealite delivers complete port solution to Eastland Port

Sealite delivers complete port solution to Eastland Port

By:Sealite | July 12, 2017
Application: Complete Port Solution.
Products: Port entry light (PEL), SL-155 (4-12NM) non-precision sector lantern, AIS monitoring & control, SL-B2600 (2.6mtr) buoys, SL-C310 (3-5NM) solar marine lantern and the high intensity LED range light.
Location: Gisborne, New Zealand


In 2015 Eastland Port embarked on a 5-year plan of building a ‘Port of the future’ and achieving ‘more value from its current assets’ by a 1.3-hectare expansion to assist the port’s principle export commodity – logs. With a forecasted export of 3.5million tonnes of logs, it was important the port offered the latest aids to navigation to assist vessels up to 30,000 tonnes and lengths of 190 metres. The increase in the size of vessels using the Port, along with the ongoing navigational safety programme saw the need for a complete port solution. Distribution partner Reid Technology was a key part of the navigation safety upgrade and selected Sealite’s superior range of aids to navigation for Eastland Port as they were economical, robust in design, easy to assemble and install, and supplied quickly.

The Safe Approach

In April 2016, Eastland Port commissioned a Sealite port entry system for the Waikanae Beach approach, which now provides a safe approach in both day and night operation to the Gisborne loading facility. The port entry system included an LED port entry light, a non-precision sectored lantern and AIS monitoring. The AIS solution provides mariners with real-time identification of the station, its availability and position, to ensure mariners and pilots are confident with the approach. Chosen for its low power consumption and size, the extremely efficient port entry light typically uses 30watts to achieve intensities that previously required 250watts and is half the size of traditional port entry models.

Sealite’s LED port entry light provided huge cost saving benefits to the port by eliminating the need for a rear structure, and the ability to provide a low powered, high-intensity light, therefore improving its daytime recognition without the need of costly day marks. The Sealite port entry light can be configured to suit many channel marking and leading line applications and does not require focusing or re-lamping while in service, demonstrating value for money for any port.

February 2017 saw the replacement of the 45-year old, three-tonne, mussel covered steel channel marker Tokomaru buoy, with a Sealite 2.6 metre diameter, 970kg, UV stabilised polyethylene buoy. The robust, environmentally friendly buoy attracts little marine growth and never requires painting, unlike its predecessor. This keeps in-line with Eastland Ports key focus of meeting best practice environmental compliance. The new Sealite buoy is double the height of the old one and the Eastland Port team put it together like ‘Lego’. The newly designed buoy was met with praise from port users and port staff.

Sealite’s Atlantic-2600 buoy is the only buoy in its class to offer a large 2.6mtr diameter float section without the need to incorporate a central mooring post, providing enormous cost and time-saving benefits. The hull section of the buoy has detachable side panels that are designed to be removed during transport, allowing the buoy to be conveniently transported in a shipping container, providing an extraordinarily large float section without the need for a heavy, steel mooring post. Built in a 5-part modular design, Sealite’s 2.6mtr buoy is faster and easier to assemble as the buoy is delivered almost ready to deploy.

Eastland Port has replaced the 45-year old, three tonnes, mussel covered steel channel market Tokomaru buoy (above), with a Sealite 2.6 metre diameter, 970kg, UV stabilised polyethylene buoy.

The complete solution

With superior markers being a crucial part of the international port operations at Gisborne, Sealite were contracted to supply all navigation aids to Eastland Port. Two Atlantic-2600 buoys are currently installed, with another 2 due to be deployed in the near future. Two range lights will be installed as new directional lead lights, supported by GPS Synchronised SL-C310 solar marine lanterns. These synchronised lights will flash in a 3-second sequence giving mariners a safer and stronger illuminated passage at night.

These final installations will complete the Eastland Port navigational safety programme, with Sealite providing years of reliable, low-maintenance aids to navigation.

Australian owned and operated, Sealite manufactures a large range of marine lanterns, high-precision sector lights, leading lights, bridge lighting, rotationally-moulded buoy products, power systems and monitoring and control systems to provide safe environments for maritime customers worldwide. Keeping the manufacturing process in-house achieves better value for customers, superior quality standards and fast delivery times. Through close working relationships, marine authorities and customers around the globe now trust Sealite to enhance the safety of their operations.

Sealite would like to thank New Zealand distributor Reid Technology for their instrumental role in the complete port solution upgrade.