Ocean Buoys with GPS Lanterns Dighi Port, Maharashtra India

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Ocean Buoys with GPS Lanterns Dighi Port, Maharashtra India

Ocean Buoys with GPS Lanterns Dighi Port, Maharashtra India

By:Sealite | May 17, 2018
Application: Channel entrance marking
Product: TRIDENT-3000, NAUTILUS-2200, SL-B1250 Buoys & SL-C420, SL-60 Lanterns
Location: India
Site: Dighi Port, Maharashtra
Sealite’s Big Buoys Mark the Way at Dighi Port, India

Sealite has supplied TRIDENT-3000, NAUTILUS-2200 and SL-B1250 marine buoys fitted with GPS lanterns to mark the channel entrance to the Dighi Port in Maharashtra, Dighi, India.

Authorised Sealite distributor, Aeromarine Equipments Supply, were commissioned by Dighi Ports Ltd to supply, erect and lay the buoys in the channel.

This project was put on paper in 2002 and it took some time to convince the Dighi Ports to change from using metal buoys to polyethylene. Persistence and the relentless effort of Aeromarine’s marketing department, who left no stone unturned in landing this job, paid off in the long run.

To further assist in the smooth execution of this project Sealite sent their Production Manager, Mr Peter Bird, to India to give instruction and help with the preassembly of the TRIDENT buoys.

Aliasgar E Patrawala from Aeromarine commented, “When the containers came into port and we were offloading them the port workers had no clue as to how we would construct a buoy out of the pieces but as the days went by the port guys were amazed to see the TRIDENTs rigged up and could not believe their eyes.”

The complete buoy order, including 13x TRIDENT-3000, 10x NAUTILUS-2200 and 5x SL-B1250 buoys fitted with GPS lanterns was executed in 75 days from the time of order, including manufacturing at Sealite, shipment, erection and commissioning in India. Aeromarine would like to thank Sealite and their rotational moulding team for making this project a success by meeting the customer’s demanding delivery dates.

We will never get tired of talking about the Sealite range of products, once again we say … These are the bloody best products in the market today! We have personally seen the amount of research and development put into the products and the efforts to make them the best and most simplified. Thanks a million!

– Aliasgar E Patrawala, Sales Director Aeromarine Equipments Supply


  • Sealite’s rapid response; in-house manufacturing meant this order only took 75 days end-to-end
  • Ease and speed of assembly
  • Sealite’s large ocean buoys are able to be conveniently packed into a container and shipped worldwide
  • Polyethylene buoys are bright to catch the attention of mariners and never require painting