Sealite is moving to SATCOM monitoring in Australia

Sealite is moving to SATCOM monitoring in Australia

Sealite is moving to SATCOM monitoring in Australia

Sealite is moving to SATCOM monitoring in Australia

By:Sealite Marketing | June 27, 2023

Don’t be caught off guard by the Telstra 3G shutdown in Australia.
Telstra will close the 3G network from from June 2024.

Since 2003, thousands of systems and devices have relied on the 3G network in Australia to stay connected and transmit critical data. Many marine organisations rely on connected marine Aids to Navigation (AtoNs) to ensure the safety of their port operations.

Monitoring the performance of this equipment is essential to reduce the risk of product failure, and proactively alert personnel in the event of an issue. However, many of these connected devices are still operating on the 3G network.

With the increased adoption of newer 4G and 5G services, usage of 3G has declined globally. As a result a lot of operators have already shutdown or started reallocating their 3G coverage. This has led to more unreliable coverage for those remaining on the network. After June 2024, the signal will be turned off, making many devices and systems redundant.

When are the major networks shutting down 3G?

TPG Telecom, Vodafone’s parent company has confirmed shutdown for 15 December 2023. Telstra services will follow shortly after, with their 3G network set to close in June 2024. Optus started reallocating its 3G 2100MHz spectrum band in May 2022 and currently has no plans to cease the 900MHz band.

If you are relying on the asset reporting through the 3G network it is time to migrate to satellite monitoring to ensure your assets are being monitored.

Up until recently, GSM has been the preferred choice for the control and monitoring of marine assets. GSM performs well in strong mobile coverage areas on land; however, it does have some drawbacks. GSM can be time-consuming to set up, and coverage can be poor for monitoring AtoNs positioned at sea. Where coverage is patchy or non-existent, satellite connectivity provides authorities with a much more reliable alternative.

Sealite has decided to move to satellite technology for monitoring and will not be supporting GSM in Australia from June 2024.

Why consider satellite monitoring?

Satcom offers a range of infrastructure and asset intelligence benefits. Sealite has chosen to partner with Iridium®, the Low Earth Orbit Global Satellite service company who offers assured pole-to-pole coverage.

The benefits that Satcom offers over GSM are:

  • Assured pole to pole global coverage through the Iridium network
  • A competitive price entry point
  • Backward compatibility to a wide range of existing assets
  • Bidirectional communication with the asset
  • Quick to set up and activate
  • High data integrity

How do I monitor SATCOM assets?

Marine assets that have been classified as critical to maritime safety, require close monitoring and management. Monitoring triggers a quick response to help reduce the chances of a maritime incident.

Sealite offers monitoring and control through our proprietary Star2M portal that provides:

  •  Scheduled reporting on your assets at set intervals or every 24 hours.
  •  Real-time alerts & alarms that trigger custom notifications via email and/or SMS to selected users.
  • Two-way communication with connected assets from the desktop portal or mobile app.
  •  Asset maintenance reports.

Start your transition to SATCOM now. Get in contact with our team today.