Sealite UK Masterclass a triumphant success

Sealite UK Masterclass a triumphant success

Sealite UK Masterclass a triumphant success

By:Sealite | October 17, 2018

A wealth of distributors and customers from across the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia were invited to attend a specialist AtoN masterclass, delivered by Sealite with the theme of ‘Innovate and Grow’.

Taking place from 8th-11th October and held in Lowestoft, Suffolk the delegates that attended the UK Masterclass came from 11 different countries and three separate continents, but when it came to learning about aids to navigation it was clear we all spoke the same language.

With two full days of in-depth presentations, a range of subjects were covered including mooring solutions, navigation buoys, and marine navigation lanterns with presentations from a number of Sealite staff. Malcolm Nicholson, Sealite’s Global Engineering Manager provided a fascinating insight into Sealite’s LED Light Source, an optical overview and a handy IALA guide given he also is presently the Chairman of Working Group 1 (light and vision) in the Engineering Committee (ENG) of IALA and a registered IALA World Wide Academy Expert. Bogdan Paduraru, Sealite’s Systems Engineer took the delegates into the technical world of remote monitoring and control explaining GSM, AIS and satellite technologies. The UK Masterclass also featured a guest presentation from Simon Millyard, Engineering and Operations Manager of Trinity House who provided an essential insight into the challenges facing the AtoN industry and what the future holds.

A highlight of the UK Masterclass for a number of delegates was the ability to get hands on with our products as well as view a Port Entry Light (PEL) from the perspective of a mariner and appreciate the different sectors, learn about GSM and AIS as well as a hands-on marine lantern configuration demonstration.

Bill Morley, Sealite’s Regional Sales Manager for UK & Europe hosted the event and saw the UK Masterclass as an opportunity to learn about innovative technology and business growth. “The businesses that attended our Masterclass have benefitted hugely, not just through knowledge and learning, but through making contacts, sharing ideas and coming up with innovative solutions to real life AtoN challenges.”

Agustí Galceràn of MSI attended the Masterclass and commented “I’d like to thank Sealite for your warm welcome and dedication last week during Masterclass, a really useful way of networking, face to face still is so so important! Congratulations to each and every one of Sealite UK.”

Vagelis Sidirourgos of Poseidon added “I’d like to thank you for the hospitality and useful information gathered during the masterclass.”


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