Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos

A selection of Sealite’s corporate videos can be found below:

Sealite Opens a Third Rotational Moulding Facility Globally – August, 2020

Visit  The Marine Buoy Section on our Website

Sealite Celebrating IALA World Marine AtoN Day – 1 July, 2020

Visit  Our SL-LED Lightsource  Product Page

A Message From Our CEO – May 2020

Sealite Company Overview

Sealite SL-C510 Compact Marine Lantern

Visit SL-C510 Product Page

Sealite SL-B700 Regulatory Marker & Float Collar Buoy

Visit SL-B700-RB Product Page

Sealite SL-LED Light Source – Split Point, Victoria, Australia

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Sealite’s Atlantic 3000 Ocean Buoy

Visit Atlantic 3000 Product Page

To see our full collection of corporate videos visit us on YouTube.