Automatic Identification System increases safety at Lake Maracaibo

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Automatic Identification System increases safety at Lake Maracaibo

Automatic Identification System increases safety at Lake Maracaibo

By:Sealite | May 24, 2016
Application: Provision of accurate positioning and operational information about the AtoN
Products: SL-C600 AIS Enabled Lanterns
Location: Venezuela
Site: Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
SL-C600 AIS Enabled Lanterns Increase Safety in Lake Maracaibo

Sealite Distribution Partner, Construcciones Taromar, has undertaken one of the largest AIS (Automatic Identification System) projects consisting of 200 x AIS fitted SL-C600 self-contained 5-8NM lights installed on buoys in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. The project was undertaken by the Instituto Nacional Canalizaciones, which is the National Channel Authority.

Sealite’s AIS monitoring system operates on the international VHF Maritime Mobile Band and provides mariners in the broadcasting region crucial Message 21 information (as defined by the International Telecommunications Union) such as AtoN operational status and positioning. In addition, the AIS enabled AtoN broadcasts AIS Message 6 to the designated base station allowing the operator to monitor the AtoN for solar and battery voltage, flashcode setting and light status.

The AIS monitoring system for the Lake Maracaibo was incorporated into Sealite’s SL-C600 6NM solar marine lanterns enabling each navaid to be remotely monitored allowing vessels to accurately determine their position and safely navigate through the channel.

Located in Venezuela, Lake Maracaibo is the largest lake in South America and is one of the oldest lakes on earth. The lake acts as a major shipping route to the ports of Maracaibo and Cabimas with a dredged channel connecting the lake with the Gulf of Venezuela. The surrounding Maracaibo basin is one of the major oil-producing regions in the world making the region a major profit centre for Venezuela.

The project represents one of the world’s largest AIS-AtoN deployments to date.


  • Mariners are able to accurately determine their position to safely navigate through the channel
  • Compact, theft resistant design
  • Lantern and power supply status is monitored in real-time
  • Alarms for buoy off-station and lantern faults enables owners to keep track of their installation remotely, saving on maintenance costs

What Our Client's Say

On behalf of Karachi Port I am pleased to acknowledge your good service and provision of the new SL-75 solar marine lanterns installed by your firm in the harbour channel at Karachi Port. The new lanterns are very feasible and useful and equipped with the latest navigational technology.

-Captain Muhammad Altaf

[Re: Sealite SL-LED Lightsource at LaCorbiere Lighthouse], We were impressed with Sealite’s solution which provided a modern, reliable and efficient light source whilst remaining sympathetic to the lighthouse’s heritage and significance as a local landmark, but most importantly to improve upon reliability and to continue its vital role in aiding the safety of navigation in Jersey’s waters, as it has done for nearly 130 years.

-Aaron Gavey

[Re: Sealite Wins Duke’s Choice Award for Java Technology & the Environment – Sealite GSM monitoring & control system]. The team at Motorola were extremely impressed with Sealite’s innovative integration of the G24-Java wireless module in their GSM Monitoring & Alarm System.

-Golan Haver

As one of your new distributors (Belize and Honduras, Waller Marine Belize LTD), I would like to express my congratulations to you and your people in providing reliable, dependable and inexpensive products. Formerly we were distributors for a Canadian made product but these were found to be too expensive for the market and also offered only difficult and complicated programming. Our first order of lights from you (SL15’s) took only four days to arrive from Aussie Land, when I opened the box they were still flashing. I tested a SL60 (white) for four days (steady on) before it required a recharge…remarkable. I will be placing another order shortly. Keep up the good work.

-Capt Andy Suddes

[Re: Installation of WindTalker for kite-surfing club], The WindTalker™ is a big success here in Cyprus, thanks to your after sales support the unit is now functioning perfectly.

-Christophe Meletiou

We choose to sell Sealite … this is a long story, well we treat Sealite as our own and the relationship we have developed with Jeff and Chris and their attitude and commitment towards growing Sealite to this stage is remarkable. We feel at home when talking to them and the staff of Sealite and this in turn gives us more security and strength in selling products in India.

-Aliasgar E Patrawala

[Re: Sealite Solar-Powered LED Area Lighting system], We chose the Sealite system for the Jacobs Well Queuing Pontoon due to our previous experience with Sealite’s product, its durability and construction.

-Peter Taylor

I just wanted to say thank you for the light and bracket Sealite supplied to Birkenhead Marina. As the other lights (old ones) need new batteries I will be replacing them with new lights from Sealite and the same brackets that you supplied with the light we received last week … Your product is excellent and the system of setting the light is good also. Thanks again for all your trouble.

-Philip McGowen