Jaigad Lighthouse Upgrade using High Output LED Light Source (English/Latin Spanish)

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Jaigad Lighthouse Upgrade using High Output LED Light Source (English/Latin Spanish)

Jaigad Lighthouse Upgrade using High Output LED Light Source (English/Latin Spanish)

By:Sealite | July 16, 2018
Application: Jaigad Lighthouse Upgrade using High Output LED Light Source
Products: SL-LED-324
Location: Jaigad Lighthouse, India
Date: March 2018


The newly installed LED Light Source allowed the customer to see automatic results via the improved range of the light and reduced power consumption.


The Jaigad Lighthouse is situated on the western edge of Jaigad Fort and guides ships sailing between the regions of Dabhol and Ratnagiri. Built in 1832, the Jaigad Lighthouse was operating with old incandescent lamps that were functioning at a very low intensity at 100% range effectiveness. The efficiency of the lighthouse along with the replacement of lamps, continued maintenance and no monitoring available, created the need for an upgrade.

Project Overview

The Director General of Lighthouses and Lightships India, with the assistance of Sealite distributor Aeromarine, installed the LED lighthouse lamp to immediately increase the efficiency of the lighthouse. The installation of the SL-LED-324 light source achieves more intensity at 40% effective range, compared to 100% of the previous lamp, allowing the customer to see automatic results.

In addition to the new LED light source, GSM monitoring & control was added to track the status of the newly installed light providing a huge benefit to the customer, as no monitoring was available on the previous light.

Design Concept

Until the launch of the high output LED light source, it was impossible to modernise a light source to take advantage of the next generation low powered LED emitters. The Sealite light source makes huge savings in energy and maintenance whilst retaining the heritage value and optical efficiencies of the classical apparatus. The lighthouse was able to have the original lens positioned back in place.

The light source provided consists of 36 individual LEDs which can be individually controlled and turned off if they shine over land, resulting in an additional power saving. Sealite’s mounting pedestal was also used to provide a plug and play installation and a complete lighthouse upgrade solution.


Following the success of the LED light source installation and continued performance over a 6-month period, the Director General of Lighthouses and Lightships India intends to upgrade all of their lighthouses on the Indian Coastal Belt with the revolutionary solid-state light source.

Along with the superior LED light source series, Sealite can offer a consultancy service to either survey the lighthouse on-site or prepare recommendations from customer supplied photos and detailed lens drawings. Sealite can also provide a checklist to streamline this process and ensure the lighthouse upgrade is seamless.