1500mm Diameter Navigation Buoy <br>(SL-B1500)

Mid Size Navigation Buoys

1500mm Diameter Navigation Buoy <br>(SL-B1500)
1500mm Diameter Navigation Buoy <br>(SL-B1500)1500mm Diameter Navigation Buoy <br>(SL-B1500)1500mm Diameter Navigation Buoy <br>(SL-B1500)1500mm Diameter Navigation Buoy <br>(SL-B1500)

1500mm Diameter Navigation Buoy

Sealite’s SL-B1500 is an extremely robust, high visibility 1500mm diameter navigation buoy perfect for a variety of installations including inland waterways, harbour and coastal navigational aids.

The SL-B1500 has a one-piece, rotationally-moulded float section which incorporates an internal stainless steel brace that is linked between the lifting and mooring eyes. This brace ensures even stresses across the buoy during lifting, creating an incredibly robust AtoN with a service life of up to 20 years.

  • Single piece float
  • Complete unit – ready for immediate deployment
  • Can or cone-shaped design options
  • 316-grade moulded-in tie bar provides outstanding lifting strength
  • High visibility red, green, white or yellow as per IALA recommendations
  • Excellent buoyancy & stability
  • Easy to deploy & service
  • Lightweight
  • No painting, ever
  • Cost effective & environmentally friendly
  • Custom signage
  • Sealite top marks to IALA recommendations
  • Radar reflector
  • Access hatch
  • Solar power supplies
  • Monitoring Systems (AIS, GSM, SATCOM)
  • IALA: Surface colours compliant to IALA E-108
  • Quality Assurance: ISO9001:2015
Product Code: SL-B1500

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