700mm Regulatory Marker Buoy <br>(SL-B700-RB)

Small Marker Buoys

700mm Regulatory Marker Buoy <br>(SL-B700-RB)
700mm Regulatory Marker Buoy <br>(SL-B700-RB)700mm Regulatory Marker Buoy <br>(SL-B700-RB)700mm Regulatory Marker Buoy <br>(SL-B700-RB)700mm Regulatory Marker Buoy <br>(SL-B700-RB)700mm Regulatory Marker Buoy <br>(SL-B700-RB)700mm Regulatory Marker Buoy <br>(SL-B700-RB)

700mm Regulatory Marker Buoy

The SL-B700-RB regulatory style buoy meets USA federal, state and local requirements for regulatory buoys. They are ideal for regulatory signage and for marking hazards, mooring fields and channels in in-land lakes and rivers, as well as coastal harbours.

This model is extremely long-lasting, and is molded in strong, durable, UV-stabilised polyethylene. It incorporates an interconnected mooring and lifting eye for additional strength and flexibility in installation.

Sealite also provide the option of customised graphics which are permanently molded into the product at the time of manufacture. Unlike adhesive graphics, they will hold up under the most extreme environments and never peel off.

The SL-B700-RB is used extensively throughout North America by federal, state, and local authorities as well as private organisations.

  • Excellent buoyancy & stability
  • 316-grade moulded-in tie bar for strength between the lifting & mooring eye & supports the mooring chain
  • Mould-in graphics to suit customer requirements
  • Mould-in graphics
  • Mooring solutions available include chain or synthetic, hardware and sinkers
  • IALA : Surface colours compliant to IALA E-108
  • Quality Assurance: ISO9001:2015
Product Code: SL-B700-RB

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