6-13NM+ Stand Alone Marine Lantern

Stand Alone Marine Lanterns

6-13NM+ Stand Alone Marine Lantern
6-13NM+ Stand Alone Marine Lantern6-13NM+ Stand Alone Marine Lantern6-13NM+ Stand Alone Marine Lantern6-13NM+ Stand Alone Marine Lantern

6-13NM+ Stand Alone Marine Lantern

The SL-155 is a 6-13NM mid-range marine lantern available in 2.5, 5 or 10-degree vertical distributions.

The single tier SL-155 with multiple intensity adjustments, high levels of efficiency, and minimal wind loading offers significant advantages over competitor’s lens stack assemblies.

The SL-155 lanterns are available with a class-leading integrated, low powered Type 1 or Type 3 AIS. When fitted, the AIS is encapsulated within the body of the SL-155 to maintain the weatherproof integrity and come standard with GPS.

Product Code: SL-155 Series
  • Over 10,000cd luminous intensity white
  • Compact single tier lantern up to 13NM visible range
  • Multiple user-adjustable intensity settings
  • 310 standard flash codes plus custom character
  • PC or IR Programmer for setup, diagnostic & testing
  • Internal or external photocell options
  • User configurable day/night lux levels
  • Advanced remote monitoring features
  • Wide operating voltage range 10-30VDC
  • Internal data-logging for long term retention of key operational parameters & alarm conditions
  • Hardwire synchronisation supporting RS485 & RS422
  • General purpose inputs (two) & outputs (two)
  • Heavy-duty aluminium base
  • GPS synchronisation
  • GSM monitoring & control
  • Type 1 or Type 3 AIS class leading, integrated & low-powered
  • RS232/422/485 port
  • Hard-wire synchronisation
  • Serial programming cable
  • Variety of solar/battery configurations
  • CE & Electrical: FCC Part 15 Rules & ICES-003. EN61000-6-1: 2007 (IEC61000-6-1:2005) Part 6-1 Immunity. EN61000-6-3: 2007 (IEC61000-6-3: 2006) Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 6-3 Emission. IEC61000-4-2: 2008 Ed 2 Part 4-2 Electrostatic discharge immunity test Level 4. IEC61000-4-3: 2010 Ed 3.2 Part 4-3. Radiated, radiofrequency, electromagnetic field immunity. IEC61000-4-6: 2008 Ed3. , Electromagnetic
  • IALA: signal colours compliant to IALA E-200-1
  • Quality Assurance: ISO 9001:2015
  • Waterproof: IP68

Specification Sheet: English | Spanish

Installation Manual: SL-155 AIS | SL-155 2.5D | SL-155 5D & 10D

Purchase Specifications: Download

Marine Lantern Graphic: Download

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