Leading lights installed at Swanson Dock

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Leading lights installed at Swanson Dock

Leading lights installed at Swanson Dock

By:Sealite | May 24, 2016
Application: Leading lights for vessel navigation
Products: SL-96 LED Leading Lights
Location: Australia
Site: Swanson Dock, Melbourne
Sealite Leads the Way in Swanson Dock

Swanson Dock has a number of berths used for containerized cargo. Recent dredging has now enabled even larger vessels to enter the port. With the entrance of such larger vessels, a new “Turning/Swing Basin” was built which allows pilots to manoeuvre vessels in the tight turning and docking area. Sealite SL-96 leading lights were installed to enable the pilots to check their positioning.

The Port of Melbourne Corporation has installed 58 sets of Sealite SL-96 4ft LED leading lights and power systems around Swanson Dock and the adjacent “Turning/Swing Basin”. Some of the Sealite SL-96 leading lights have replaced existing fluoro tubes which were not considered bright enough.

The green and blue LED leading lights were installed in sets of three to make a triangle shape. One set of SL-96 green leading lights show the centre line of the deepest part of the channel, while a set of blue SL-96 leading lights are positioned 40 metres on either side of the green leading lights as “Shoulder Leads”. These shoulder leads allow the pilots to check alignment from the left and right extreme positions of the vessel’s bridge.

Sealite was thanked by the POM Corporation for helping the project come in on time and budget.

The lights are brighter than expected and we may need to turn them down.

– Robert Renn, Asset Officer
Port of Melbourne Corporation


  • Enables pilots to manoeuvre vessels in a tight turning and docking area
  • Pilots are able to easily check their position allowing safe vessel navigation
  • Sealite’s leading lights are brighter than traditional flurotube
  • Improved manoeuvring procedures allow larger vessels to enter the dock