Discover Sealite Marine Buoys


Discover Sealite Marine Buoys

Discover Sealite Marine Buoys

By:Sealite Marketing | August 17, 2023

In-house manufacturing of our buoys provides efficiency, flexibility and a superior product.


Do you know the Sealite is one of the only full-line aids to navigation producers globally to manufacture marine buoys on-site? The Sealite buoy division provides turn-key production of navigation aids, from tooling development, raw material selection and production, to final testing and inspection.

We manufacture our buoys with state-of-the-art rotational moulding equipment using UV-stabilised polyethylene at our key manufacturing hubs in Somerville, Victoria, Australia; Tilton, New Hampshire, USA and Tallinn, Estonia.

Discover Sealite Marine Buoys

Keeping the entire manufacturing process in-house allows us to achieve better value for customers, superior quality standards and faster delivery than many of our competitors. Our professional product managers and industry recognized engineers oversee the design and development of all of our products to IALA Standards and are manufactured under a process that complies with ISO9001: 2008 conditions for quality assurance, and continual process improvement. Sealite buoys come with a 5 year warranty because we’re so confident of their performance!


Discover Sealite Marine Buoys


The effects of icing, cyclonic winds, salt spray, prolonged UV exposure and tropical humidity can quickly deteriorate poor quality plastics. The UV stabilised virgin polyethylene that Sealite marine buoys are made from contains coloured pigments that permeate all the way through the material. This gives our buoys unmatched durability, colour vibrancy and protection from the long-term effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Sealite Roto Moulded BuoysIn-house rotational moulding provides uniform thickness throughout the entire buoy structure, almost twice the thickness yet lighter than some other rotationally moulded buoys.

We use a Hexene co-polymer based Linear Low-Density Polyethylene resin (LLDPE) which is specifically designed for rotational moulding applications. LLDPE has a higher tensile strength and exhibits greater impact and puncture resistance compared to some other plastics. It has been chosen as the material for Sealite marine buoys because of its high Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance (ESCR), toughness, flexibility and minimal impact on the environment.

Rotational moulding of polyethylene allows Sealite to manufacture complex shapes which are moulded in one piece making a robust product with excellent impact strength.

Our Polyethylene float and tower components never require painting and retain their vibrant colour. Our buoys offer a service life of up to 20 years.

Flexible, efficient and global – our team works with yours!

The biggest advantage of in-house manufacturing is that we are highly responsive to our customers’ unique needs and requirements. Sealite buoy products are available in a wide range of configurations and sizes and our factory locations in Australia, the US and Europe can satisfy the global production delivery requirements of our customers.

By choosing to partner with us you can be assured you have chosen the very best.
Discover our range of marine buoys today or contact us to find out more.


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