[Infographic] The 3 Steps For Success – AtoN Risk Assessment


[Infographic] The 3 Steps For Success – AtoN Risk Assessment

[Infographic] The 3 Steps For Success – AtoN Risk Assessment

By:Sealite | April 06, 2021

Risk assessments are a necessary requirement when identifying the need for a new Aid to Navigation or when replacing an existing asset. This infographic explains why a risk assessment is needed and the factors that should be considered.

Outlined below in three easy steps, this information can be used by authorities to help them meet their obligations under SOLAS Convention, Chapter V.

SOLAS Chapter V is a document published by the IMO that refers specifically to safety of navigation and the mandatory regulations that apply.

To download a printable version of the infographic click here.

Three easy steps to follow when conducting an AtoN risk assessment [Infographic]

Want to learn more about Risk Assessment?

IALA in their support of the marine industry covers the topic of risk assessment as part of their Worldwide Training Academy. IALA offers their courses as a resource for AtoN Managers and other interested parties.

Further information can be found by reading our Sealite whitepaper “Assessing the Degree of Risk : The IALA Risk Assessment Toolbox“.