Sealite : First to Market Globally for Lighthouse Upgrades


Sealite : First to Market Globally for Lighthouse Upgrades

Sealite : First to Market Globally for Lighthouse Upgrades

By:Sealite | July 09, 2020


Did you know Sealite was the first to release the LED light source?

The design of the light source originated from a manufacturing agreement with Trinity House and was developed by the General Lighthouse Authorities (GLA) Research and Radionavigation Directorate. Sealite brought this product to market with our Universal LED Controller in 2013.

Since then, the heatsink design of the light source has been enhanced to allow us to drive our LEDs harder and deliver even brighter results.

Sealite’s proprietary Universal LED Controller provides the intelligence behind the light source’s smart operation. In combination, the system allows us to deliver great functionality and caters to a vast array of fixed or rotating lighthouse optics.

Why should Lighthouse Authorities consider upgrading their optics?

They offer Lighthouse Authorities the following benefits:

  • A simple and economical alternative, whilst retaining the heritage value of the lens.
  • Expected life of 10 years, compared to filament lamps that offer around 2000 hours.
  • No moving parts and therefore a reduction in maintenance visits.
  • A lower cost of ownership as LEDs are significantly more efficient.
  • A smaller product footprint allowing authorities to retain historical features.

Why trust Sealite for your next lighthouse upgrade project?

Sealite : First to Market Globally for Lighthouse Upgrades

Malcolm Nicholson onsite installing Sealite’s first SL-LED lantern in 2013. Malcolm designed the light source during his time at GLA and joined Sealite in 2016. He is one of our team of light source experts and presently Product Manager – Marine for Sealite.

There are many factors to consider when undertaking a restoration project. The process begins with an accurate site survey. Sealite uses our software to determine suitability for the Aids to Navigation application and the historic lens. During manufacture, we adhere to stringent ISO9001:2015 quality control standards with each SL-LED light source manufactured specifically to suit site requirements.

Once onsite, the installation is fine-tuned to meet the exact focal point within the lens. Lantern commissioning is a straightforward process using our proprietary Lantern Configuration Tool software. The service we offer is end-to end and our team of experts have:

  • Over 100 years of combined experience in delivering lighthouse optic solutions.
  • The knowledge and expertise to specify, design, build and install.
  • Success in a broad scope of lighthouse applications.
  • Proven expertise you can trust.

Since 2013, our SL-LED systems have been used to upgrade over 70 lighthouses globally. Many are located across Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States. One of our most recent projects is the picturesque La Corbiere Lighthouse in the Channel Islands. Those familiar with the site will recognise that it presented some very unique challenges.

Read our case study to learn why the La Corbiere lighthouse is so unique.

Sealite also commissions our SL-300 single and two tier long-range marine lanterns into applications where the original lens cannot be retained.

To discuss your next lighthouse project upgrade or for further details on these products, contact your Sealite representative.

Sealite : First to Market Globally for Lighthouse Upgrades

The La Corbiere lighthouse in the Channel Islands is one of our more recent upgrades in partnership with the Port of Jersey.

Sealite : First to Market Globally for Lighthouse Upgrades

SL-LED light source installed at Point Lonsdale, Victoria Australia in 2016. This image demonstrates its smaller product footprint.