Sealite: The Year That Was & Forecast for 2020


Sealite: The Year That Was & Forecast for 2020

Sealite: The Year That Was & Forecast for 2020

By:Sealite | December 19, 2019
Sealite: The Year That Was & Forecast for 2020

Chris Procter is the Chief Executive Officer of the Sealite group.

2019 has been another significant year for the Sealite group.

Of particular note was the successful release of Star2M® , our third business unit. This new entity has been established as a cloud-based telecommunications provider for the monitoring and asset management of our marine and aviation products. Star2M has set a new benchmark in our industry for satellite-enabled monitoring, control and asset management. The platform is now being successfully used by major port authorities and aquaculture clients.

Our strong partnership and the backing of the Iridium network has allowed us to provide uninterrupted service and reliability for our customers. Early in the New Year the next version of our platform will be released, offering expanded features and even more value for customers.

This past year we have been immensely proud of our commitment to industry development. Sealite has hosted our Aids to Navigation symposiums in Colombia, Vietnam, Melbourne and Auckland. These events have been extremely well attended and provide our clients the opportunity to hear from industry experts, network with peers, and help to build their AtoN knowledge.

Looking forward to 2020, our strategic focus is to enable the connection of all our devices to our cloud platform to support low-cost and reliable global asset management and control. The pace of innovation in sensor and IoT technologies will continue to support and accelerate product development. The overall goal is to improve operational efficiency and safety for AtoN clients.

In addition, we will be expanding selected manufacturing facilities to increase capacity, shorten lead times, and bring the production of products closer to our customers. Central to this initiative is the commissioning of our third rotational moulding location in the middle of 2020.

Thank you for your continued support during the past year and we look forward to 2020. We will continue to build towards our vision of being the global leader of technically advanced and connected devices through our people, process and commitment to quality.