Star2M® – the new era of satellite monitoring and control


Star2M® – the new era of satellite monitoring and control

Star2M® – the new era of satellite monitoring and control

By:Sealite | May 30, 2019

Two-way monitoring and control offers efficiency in the management of assets in the marine and aviation industry, offering visibility, alerts and reporting for authorities managing critical Aids to Navigation assets.

Star2M® is the exclusive service provider of a new sophisticated monitoring, control and asset management solution, complementing and enhancing the Sealite and Avlite range of products and solutions.

Star2M® – Monitoring, control and asset management

Star2M® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sealite Pty Ltd providing innovative remote monitoring, control and asset management services for the marine and aviation industries and beyond.

The platform is designed for new and existing customers, suiting the needs of small operators with low support networks through to asset managers where remote monitoring and whole of life asset management is critical.

Applications of Star2M® currently include: fixed and floating marine assets in Ports and Harbours, Obstruction Lighting, Airfields and Helipads.

This platform provides secure connectivity and diagnostic information to receive battery status, asset location, remote control configuration and alarms, with additional functionality embedded in the Star2M® platform.

Uninterrupted Secure Connectivity using the Iridium® Network

The Star2M® network is backed by Iridium®, the Low Earth Orbit global satellite service company offering pole-to-pole coverage, anywhere, anytime.

After setting up your Aid to Navigation, the process of communication begins with the fixture, which transmits signals as an uplink and receives signals from Low Earth Orbiting satellites in the Iridium® network. Signals are then re-transmitted back to earth via a downlink, which can then be accessed exclusively via the Star2M® online secure portal.

Star2M® offers Sealite and Avlite customers the benefit of real time monitoring, control and data management, updating in under a minute, subject to the asset and external conditions.

Safety through cost effective monitoring and control

Star2M® provides a number of StarConnect subscription packages, designed to suit small to large users with a choice of Iridium® data packages available. StarConnect packages are based on the

Star2M® – the new era of satellite monitoring and control

Sealite SL-C510 Compact Marine Lantern with Satellite Connectivity

number of assets registered in a customer’s network and the frequency of checks and reporting required by the user.

Star2M® extends cost effectiveness and benefits to the user in other areas with a reduction in maintenance and call out costs, enabling proactive maintenance based on trend analysis, with its most important feature the improvement in safety for maintenance and monitoring staff.

Customer Excellence. Always

The Star2M® system is designed to enhance the user experience of managing their network of assets. Technical assistance is vital to the efficient operation of Star2M®, and is provided through a dedicated helpdesk and secure web portal, supported by a qualified technical support team.

Find out more about Star2M® by visiting the website.