The Next Step in Satellite Ready Products is Coming


The Next Step in Satellite Ready Products is Coming

The Next Step in Satellite Ready Products is Coming

By:Sealite | October 30, 2019

Sealite strives to enhance the usability of our marine Aids to Navigation products with a key focus on improving customer experience. Our diverse range of customers tell us they actively look for solutions to help make their complex jobs simpler. 

Products that are real-time data enabled have distinct operational advantages for AtoN managers. Without it, keeping track of their condition, location, diagnostics and maintenance scheduling is both time consuming and costly.

With this in mind, Sealite is committed to releasing a steady stream of satellite-ready Aid to Navigation assets that align with market needs. Supported by our partnership with Iridum®, the world’s only truly global low earth orbit satellite communications network, we are continuing to deliver on this promise with another upcoming product release.

Our SL-C510 compact marine lantern, that launched earlier this year, was a huge success. And so, Sealite is adding another member to the SL-510 family. This new stand-alone model will complement our 5-9NM category and is sure to be another outstanding product option for our customers.

Like the SL-C510, this new lantern brings a new level of performance and efficiency to Aids to Navigation operations and maintenance. It also easily integrates with Star2M®, our secure asset management, monitoring and control service, allowing visibility of your assets anytime, anywhere.

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