13-19NM Long Range Marine Lantern <br>(SL-300-2D5)

Stand Alone Marine Lanterns

13-19NM Long Range Marine Lantern <br>(SL-300-2D5)
13-19NM Long Range Marine Lantern <br>(SL-300-2D5)13-19NM Long Range Marine Lantern <br>(SL-300-2D5)13-19NM Long Range Marine Lantern <br>(SL-300-2D5)13-19NM Long Range Marine Lantern <br>(SL-300-2D5)

13-19NM Long Range Marine Lantern

The SL-300-2D5 series are 13 to 19NM long-range marine lanterns with 2.5 degrees vertical distribution, suitable for a range of applications.

The SL-300-2D5 series offers multiple intensity adjustments to over 46,000cd luminous intensity in a single tier and over 93,000cd in a two-tiered configuration.  The small form factor provides minimal wind loading and convenient handling – delivering significant advantages over traditional large lens stack assemblies.

These high intensity lanterns are programmed using Sealite’s advanced PC or IR Programming tools. GPS synchronisation and GSM monitoring and control are offered as options on this model.

These long range lanterns produce a class-leading intensity to power ratio, making them highly efficient and suitable for solar power solutions.

  • Over 46,000cd (single tier) or 96,000cd (two-tier) luminous intensity white
  • Compact lantern from 13 up to 19NM visible range
  • Multiple user-adjustable intensity settings
  • 310 standard flash codes plus custom character
  • PC or IR Programmer for setup, diagnostic & testing
  • Internal or external photocell options
  • User configurable day/night lux levels
  • Advanced remote monitoring features
  • Wide operating voltage range 20-58VDC
  • Internal data-logging for long term retention of key operational parameters & alarm conditions
  • General purpose inputs (two) & outputs (two)
  • GPS synchronisation
  • GSM monitoring & control
  • Type 1 or Type 3 AIS
  • Serial programming cable
  • Variety of solar/battery configurations
  • RS232/422/485 port
  • Bird deterrent spikes
  • Immunity: EN 61000-6-1: 2007 (IEC61000-6-1: 2005)
  • Emission: EN 61000-6-4: 2007 (IEC 61000-6-4: 2006) + A1: 2001
  • FCC Part 15 Rules: IFCC Part 15 Subpart B
  • IALA:  Signal colours compliant to IALA E-200-1
  • Quality Assurance: ISO 9001:2015
  • IP68
  • Datasheet: English
  • Installation Manual: English
  • Purchase Specifications: English


Product Code: SL-300-2D5-1 & SL-300-2D5-2

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