Connected AtoN Networks a Reality


Connected AtoN Networks a Reality

Connected AtoN Networks a Reality

By:Sealite | December 03, 2020


The growing trend in marine Aids to Navigation of digital connectivity is quickly becoming a must for monitoring and managing AtoN networks. Sealite’s Star2M® asset management and maintenance software offer a solution for Sealite satellite and GSM enabled devices, however, the ability to connect other devices has remained out of reach.

That problem is solved with the introduction of the Universal Gateway, a plug-and-play device that connects all of your AtoN equipment into a single system.

The Sealite Universal Gateway.
What is it, and how does it work?

The Sealite Universal Gateway (SL-UGW) is a standalone protocol converter. It connects to products of various protocols and allows it to talk to an entire system. As a result, devices and systems are able to work together to access, exchange, integrate and cooperatively use data in a coordinated manner.

It is bi-directional, meaning the system can then communicate and command back to the asset for control or monitoring purposes. It includes fully configurable interface mapping. This can be implemented by an integrator or end-user to align with their products.

The Universal Gateway supports the following interfaces:

  • Modbus RTU via RS-485.
  • Modbus TCP.
  • Discrete IO via General Purpose Input/Outputs.
  • Configuration Interface via USB or Bluetooth.
  • Optional Satellite Communication interface.
  • Optional Dry Contact Relay interface via Electromechanical or High Current variants.

The Universal Gateway can be used to supplement existing Sealite Aids to Navigation products as well as other lighting products. It is also optimised for third-party equipment integration and is SATCOM enabled.

Connected into Star2M Asset Management software, all connected assets can be controlled, monitored and maintained 24/7 from any offsite location.

The Universal Gateway:
Providing you options to connect a wider range of marine assets.

The Universal Gateway is at the forefront of innovation. It is available in a variety of configurations with AC or DC power inputs.

The Universal Gateway hardware is supplied as a complete mechanical assembly with multiple options available to connect to third-party devices.

Want to know more?

Visit the Universal Gateway page on our website.

Have any questions? Ask one of our Sales team who will help explain this unique product in more detail.