Universal Gateway <br>(SL-UGW)


Universal Gateway <br>(SL-UGW)
Universal Gateway <br>(SL-UGW)Universal Gateway <br>(SL-UGW)Universal Gateway <br>(SL-UGW)Universal Gateway <br>(SL-UGW)Universal Gateway <br>(SL-UGW)Universal Gateway <br>(SL-UGW)

Universal Gateway

The Universal Gateway (UGW) is a protocol converter and connector that allows products with different communication protocols to talk to each other, bringing all connected devices into a single, unified system. As a result, assets can work together to access, exchange, integrate and cooperatively use data in a coordinated manner.

The UGW is bi-directional, allowing communication and commands back to the asset for control or monitoring purposes.

The UGW is available in two input power configurations; a Universal Mains or DC input. As standard, the UGW comes with Modbus TCP/IP or RTU, 14 discrete IOs via General Purpose Inputs (8) and Outputs (6), as well as a serial configuration interface via USB and Bluetooth.

As options, the UGW can also come with Satellite or GSM communication, dry contact relays via electromechanical or high current variants or RF capability.

Available as either a complete mechanical assembly or as a PCA only variant, the UGW is designed to perfectly integrate and supplement Sealite products. It is also optimized for integration into third-party equipment and also allows third-party products to be monitored via SATCOM.

The UGW is completely configurable via the UGW Configuration Application that is provided with the unit itself.

Using our Star2M Asset Management software, all connected assets are controlled, monitored and maintained. In all applications, the UGW can be integrated using a standard methodology but is configured by the application and specific interface requirements for the installation.

  • Bluetooth® for progamming/servicing
  • Wide range of communication interfaces including:
    • Serial configuration interface via USB
    • MODBUS RTU via RS-485
    • Dry contact relay interface via electromechanical or high current variants
    • Discrete IO via general-purpose input/outputs
  • Remote control and monitoring enabled via Satellite communication (SATCOM) interface and GSM communication interface
  • Universal Mains (AC) or DC Input
  • Satellite communication (SATCOM) interface
  • GSM communication interface
  • Dry contact relay interface via electromechanical or high current variants (Control only)
  • Cable Kit
  • Star2M®
  • Mounting Accessories
  • FCC (North America) and IC (Canada): FCC Part 15B/ICES 003, FCC/IC MPE Assessment, Co-location
  • CE (Europe): EN 301489-1/17/19/20/52, EN 301908-1, EN 300328, EN 301441, EN 303413, EN 62311
  • RCM (Australia/New Zealand): EN 55032, AS/CA S042.1, AS/CA S042.4, RSE, AS/NZS 62368.1, AS/NZS 2772.2, IEC 62368.1, IEC 60529, ARPANSA RPS3
  • ISO9001:2015

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