Satellite Communications <br>(SATCOM)


Satellite Communications <br>(SATCOM)
Satellite Communications <br>(SATCOM)

Satellite Communications

Satellite Communication (SATCOM) connectivity for Sealite devices is available via our partnership with global satellite communications company Iridium®. The network uses cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites to provide assured global coverage. It also enables advanced monitoring, control and management functions for your assets from anywhere in the world.

SATCOM is a cost-effective solution that is suitable for connecting to assets of almost any type. The need for global communication is increasing. SATCOM ensures that it is able to deliver increased, constant connectivity in all global applications. It also has outstanding coverage for even the most remote locations. This means that the reliability and integrity of transmitted asset data is vastly increased and the risk to asset owners is reduced. Our SATCOM system provides real time one or two-way connectivity to monitor and/or control your assets. This is done via our Star2M asset management and maintenance platform. To find out more about Star2M, click here.

Satellite connectivity is available as an option on Sealite’s NEW SL-75 and NEW SL-155 series marine lanterns. It is also available on the SL-C310, SL-C510, SL-510-SA models. The RMU (remote monitoring unit) and UGW (universal gateway) are devices that enable satellite connectivity on a wider range of Sealite products.

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  • Low-latency, real time communication
  • One or Two-way communication to suit your application
  • Assured connection anywhere, anytime
  • Data-encrypted security

Remotely Monitor

  • Operational characteristics
  • Electrical characteristics
  • Geolocation data

Remotely Control

  • Operational mode
  • Intensity
  • Light characteristics
  • GPS Configuration


  • Power thresholds
  • Critical faults
  • Geolocation thresholds
  • Loss of communication

Sealite’s Satellite-enabled products include:


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