GSM Communications


GSM Communications
GSM CommunicationsGSM CommunicationsGSM CommunicationsGSM Communications

GSM Communications

GSM (Global system for mobile communications) connectivity is available on Sealite devices. It utilises a complete integrated module, designed to allow monitoring and control by using existing cellular networks. Each Sealite device is fitted with its own SIM card which provides a designated cell-phone contact number for each individual asset. Any network operator can be used if they offer coverage in the nominated Asset location.
Data are able to be communicated from the enabled device to our Star2M asset management and maintenance platform or a nominated cell phone. This data includes:

  • >  Electrical characteristics
  • >  Battery condition
  • >  GPS positioning

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  • Leverages cellular networks

Remotely Monitor

  • Operational characteristics
  • Electrical Characteristics
  • Geolocation Data

Remotely Control

  • Configure alarms and reports for individual Assets via SMS text message
  • Operational mode via SMS text message
  • Intensity via SMS text message
  • Flash code via SMS text message
  • Light characteristics via SMS text message


  • Power thresholds
  • Critical Faults
  • High level geolocation thresholds

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