Radar Beacons<br>(SL-RACON)


Radar Beacons<br>(SL-RACON)
Radar Beacons<br>(SL-RACON)Radar Beacons<br>(SL-RACON)Radar Beacons<br>(SL-RACON)Radar Beacons<br>(SL-RACON)

Radar Beacons

The HEKLEO-2XSR Radar Beacon (RACON) is now available as a standard option. It is ideal for Ports and Harbour Authorities for IALA CAT 1 Aids to Navigation applications. The racon offers a line-of-sight range that can be greater than 15NM.

The HEKLEO-2XSR Racon features:

  • A frequency agile dual band radar beacon operating on marine S band and X band frequencies.
  • It is easy to install, light weight and has simple intuitive programming features.
  • Has low power consumption, configurable function period and can operate from solar powered systems.
  • Rugged design from UV stabilised, non-corroding polyethylene body.
  • IP67 rated and is suitable for harsh marine and offshore environments.

The HEKLEO-2XSR can be supplied and integrated into our marine lantern and buoy solutions, or packaged with our range of customized and bespoke solutions for fixed shore beacons.

  • Operates on S and X band frequencies
  • Side lobe suppression systems
  • Low power use and power saving functional periods
  • Operating Modes – standby, active and listening modes for operating efficiency.
  • User programmable Morse code and flash characters to IMO A530
  • Automatic Self-monitoring and Calibration
  • Provides visibility on radar from the ship’s bridge
  • Light weight and corrosion resistant
  • Compliant to IMO/IALA regulations
  • Immunity: EN 55016-4-2, EN 60950-1, EN62311:2008, EN 62479:2010, ITU-R M.824-2
  • Emission: IEC 60945 Fourth ed. 2002-08
  • IALA: Recommendation to R101r1
  • IMO: IMO A530
  • Quality Assurance: ISO 9001:2015
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Datasheet: English
  • Technical Article – Unlocking the Functionality of Radar Beacons: English

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