Sealite Invest in the Future of the Maritime Industry


Sealite Invest in the Future of the Maritime Industry

Sealite Invest in the Future of the Maritime Industry

By:Sealite | November 08, 2018

The UK transport industry is leading the way in unlocking brilliant careers and tackling the need for the engineers of the future, the UK Maritime Minister Nusrat Ghani set out recently. The comment follows the launch of industry’s ‘Transport Infrastructure Skills Strategy – Two Years On’ report.

Nusrat Ghani commented; “This report shows that significant government investment in transport is playing a key role in creating life-changing opportunities through its high-quality apprenticeships – helping us lead the way in unlocking new jobs and ensuring this country has the skilled workforce it needs for the future.”

“From road to rail, maritime to aviation, we must all redouble our efforts to bring more women into technical and engineering roles, remove barriers, ensuring we bring talented people from all backgrounds together to tackle the skills gap.”

We are committed to strengthening links between employers in our sector and young people, particularly in the creative, innovative world of engineering through our Year of Engineering campaign. I look forward to even more apprentices starting brilliant careers in years to come.”  

It was fitting that in the same month the UK base of Sealite has had two local college students, Liam Hailey and Jordan Lindsay, take part in an internship for 4 weeks.

Sealite is a global manufacturer of marine aids to navigation with manufacturing and office locations in Australia, Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom. The Sealite team is dedicated to servicing the marine industry through the efficient design and production of leading-edge products, which is why Sealite are proud to encourage young people considering an engineering career through internships as part of the efforts to address the skills gap in the UK.

Currently in the first year of an ICT course at the college, Liam particularly enjoyed the challenge of putting his existing engineering knowledge to good use in a practical setting and provided creative solutions for a new project.

At the end of the four weeks the interns provided a presentation of their accomplishments, including the innovative design solutions they had created to specific industry projects. Fueled by his time at Sealite, Liam hopes to progress to an Engineering degree.

Sealite welcome graduates or interns looking for engineering experience, experience that will put them in good stead for their future careers.

Sealite's Engineering InternsSealite's Engineering Interns

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