Sealite’s Symposium in Vietnam – A Success


Sealite’s Symposium in Vietnam – A Success

Sealite’s Symposium in Vietnam – A Success

By:Sealite | December 03, 2019

Australia – 2019

Who is VMS-South?

VMS-South is the key marine entity in Southern Vietnam. The corporation operates under the Ministry of Transport.

Their mission is to establish and maintain a safe environment for the maritime industry and provide products and services that promote the development of the marine economy in Vietnam.

Sealite Australia hosted our very first Symposium in Vietnam in November, 2019. The event was in partnership with the Southern Vietnam Marine Safety Corporation (VMS-South) in their port town of Vung Tau.

Sealite was honoured to have six VIP guests from VMS-South in attendance, including Director General Bui The Hung.

The Symposium attracted 60 delegates from Vietnam, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, the Maldives and the United States.

The Symposium was held over four days and led by Sealite’s industry professionals. Michael Walker is Head of Global Sales, Marketing & Digital. Malcolm Nicholson is Global Product Manager, Marine. Combined, they have over 35 years of experience in the marine industry.

The event included two days of classroom-style learning and break-out sessions.  This gave delegates the opportunity to get a closer look at our range of Sealite products. Of particular interest was our:

  • Satellite ready marine lantern, SL-C510
  • Proprietary asset management, monitoring and control platform, Star2M
  • Range of online tools – The Sealite Solar Calculator, SealitePro Bluetooth App and our Mooring Calculator
Sealite’s Symposium in Vietnam – A Success

Demonstration of Sealite’s online tools

Sealite’s Symposium in Vietnam – A Success

Sealite break-out sessions








In addition to the training program, social events were held across the event. These included a cocktail night and a tour of the local sites.

The Vietnam Transport Service (VTS) provided Sealite delegates with a rare opportunity to tour their control room and the Vung Tau lighthouse. This was followed by a visit to the Jesus Christ Statue situated above the city.

The Symposium concluded with a luncheon for all our international delegates. This luncheon was headed by VMS-South at their headquarters in Vung Tau.

Special thanks to VMS-South and the Sealite team for their hard work and dedication in hosting the four-day Symposium in Vietnam.

Sealite’s Symposium in Vietnam – A Success

VTS Headquarters at Vung Tau

Sealite’s Symposium in Vietnam – A Success

Lighthouse & Jesus Christ Statue

Sealite’s Symposium in Vietnam – A Success

Delegates at VMS-South Headquarters

Sealite’s Symposium in Vietnam – A Success

Vietnam Symposium Event Team

Why attend Sealite technical training events?

Sealite’s training events are well known and in high demand due to our well-established reputation in the industry. There is a close affiliation with IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities).

Sealite is also part of the Industrial Member Committee (IMC) at IALA. Members of our staff are Industrial Committee Representatives to the IALA Policy Advisory Panel and registered IALA World Wide Academy Experts.

Training workshops give you the opportunity to connect with other professionals. We share knowledge, industry trends and concepts unique to Aids to Navigation management.

Sealite product training offers a mix of classroom and practical learning. We also incorporate an educational overview of lighting principles and the IALA guidelines.  These recommendations help to provide guidance to the marine industry on a global scale.

To register your interest or to find out more about our training events contact the events team.